• Jason’s attention to detail and ability to put us both at ease while taking care of the needs of our guests was truly remarkable.
    — Michael Arden and Andy Mientus
  • It was a perfect day.
    — Bobby Moynihan & Brynn O’Malley
  • No better money was spent on our wedding than on the hiring of Jason!
    — Rory O’Malley & Gerold Schroeder
  • I could go on about how flawlessly he executes a party, but I think what truly sets Jason apart is who he is as a person.
    — Dana Steingold & Matt Sadewitz
  • As a theater director who has been hired to produce and direct large scale events in the past I was acutely aware of the many moving parts involved in executing a wedding. There was no one I felt I could trust more than Jason.
    — Tim Drucker & Larry Kornreich