Jason began working full time as a wedding planner after the 2014 launch of his new book GETTING GROOMED: THE ULTIMATE WEDDING PLANNER FOR GAY GROOMS, published by Chronicle Books. 

Jason is currently the “In-House Expert” for Men’s Vows Magazine, the G Life's Grooms Go to Guy, and well known in the industry. He is regularly asked to contribute ideas and opinions to various wedding websites and media outlets.  Before launching Jason Mitchell Kahn & Co., he served as the resident Wedding Planner for Shiraz Events overseeing the company’s market in New York, Los Angeles and London. 

Prior to Shiraz Events, Jason worked for several years at Soho House New York as the Event and Banquet Manager and quickly became known as the in-house wedding expert.  There he worked with couples on planning their special day in addition to doing freelance wedding planning.  While weddings are his favorite type of event, at Soho House Jason also designed, planned, and ran fashion shows, book launches, art festivals, movie premieres, opening nights, gala dinners, and awards shows post parties. The job took him around the world from Oscar parties in L.A. to events held in chateaus in Cannes and even an underground subway station in Toronto.  

Jason brings to weddings his passion for drama honed from his career and education in theatre. Two of his plays had professional premieres in New York and have since had productions around the world. Jason approaches all weddings with his playwriting background: What is the couple’s version of their most beautiful story to be told? 


Peter, a first-generation American, grew up in a small village in up-state New York to European parents. He received his undergrad in theatre from New York University and R.A.D.A before completing his masters in Global Business Management, studying in New York, Paris, and Hong Kong. 

After a decade of working in the interior design and luxury start up industries, modeling internationally, and performing extensively in film, television, and theatre, Peter discovered not only how to utilize all his passion, talent, and experience but also what’s truly most important . . . throwing a killer party. 

He’s a stickler for detail, a junky for design, and a lover of love, in all its sensational shapes and sizes. He can’t wait to help you build your dream.


What the K Mister Jason Mitchell?

People often seem a bit confused about what my real name is, and rightfully so.  Growing up I always used my full name, but when I wrote my first play I was encouraged to simplify and just go by Jason Mitchell.  I stayed consistent with all of my writing endeavors that followed.  As I joined the work force as an event professional I went back to using my full name, which is why there can be a discrepancy sometimes.  I answer to all of them, and many people simply call me JMK.