Cosmos Club
Washington, D.C.

"Hiring Jason was one of the best decisions we made in our wedding planning process. I knew he would do a great job, but I had no idea just how crucial his role would be. I cannot emphasize enough the value of having a professional at the helm who knows the timeline like the back of his hand, anticipates problems before they arise, and has the creative instinct to add those special touches that make the day extra special. His experience really showed when dealing with our event space which was beautiful and historic but also accustomed to doing things a certain way. He managed to convince them to use the space differently than usual allowing us to maximize space and maintain an upbeat pace. He was charming but firm and knew all the right requests to make so that the menu and service were perfectly customized to suit us.  On the day of our wedding, everything went so smoothly that we even got compliments on the flow of events! Jason was on top of every little detail. Someone's making a toast and forgot their drink? There's Jason with a new glass before they even realize they need it. He was like that the whole day. He kept us right on schedule, made sure my husband and I took time to eat, and dealt quickly and quietly with any issues that arose. Our wedding was a dream come true - elegant, tons of fun, and simply perfect. I cannot imagine having done it without Jason!"

Photographer: Muriel Silva
Cake: Steve Konopelski, Pâtissier
Band: Potomac Jazz Project
Florist: K Aubrey Flowers

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